2023 Poster Calendar

$20.00 $30.00

Twelve 11×14″ posters with new original art each month! A stunning wall calendar for the office or home by artist Johanna Riley. Hang it in our 11 X 14″ Linnea Frame.

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JANUARY:  A Favorite blue and white bowl holding some of my favorite flowers, nasturtiums.  The happy, vibrant colors remind me Spring is not too far away.

FEBRUARY:  A young Queen of Hearts holding the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  He holds a watch to ensure he won't be late for a very important date...on Valentine's Day.

MARCH:  Fresh caught, colorful fish on the grill signifies the start of spring!  "Serenely full, the epicure would say, fat cannot harm me, I have dined today." - Sydney Smith

APRIL:  April showers bring May flowers!  The saying is a lesson in patience and a reminder that April can bring about very enjoyable things:  like this tiny frog gripping a willowy spring tulip.

MAY:  Refreshing papayas, mangoes, melons and more dance in the sunlight and cast magical blue shadows.  This Caribbean color story will brighten your day if your climate has May grays.

JUNE:  Surfers ride blissfully unaware on the water while a fever of stingrays migrates below them.  Some of the largest ray such as Manta rays and Cownose rays, never stop swimming and migrate in the thousands to feeding grounds each year.

JULY:  A basket of strawberries not only makes a great snack, but also makes the perfect red, white, and blue July color scheme.

AUGUST:  Cactuses line the walls of a pink adobe house, soaking up the sun.  The potted one on the inside wants to come outside.

SEPTEMBER:  An array of objects from nature or from plastic look like an organized chaos.  I love groupings of different things with a similar color story.

OCTOBER:   Caramel apples are so inviting and tempting, but I'm always worried that I'll lose a tooth biting into one.  I love how the caramel puddles under the apples.

NOVEMBER:  During the holiday season, when things get chaotic, I like to focus on simple things in hopes of meditating the stress away.  My family has always appreciated calming, beautiful rocks.

DECEMBER:  In northern Scandinavia, a reindeer delivers presents.  the best part of the holidays is spending time with the family.  So many December holidays bring us joy and comfort.  "At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year." - Thomas Tusser