2025 Poster Calendar


Our popular Poster Calendar for 2025!  Twelve 11×14″ posters with new original art each month! A stunning wall calendar for the office or home by artist Johanna Riley. Hang it in our 11 X 14″ Linnea Frame.

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JANUARY:  We flip for flapjacks!  I love the syrup rippling over a warm pancake with melting butter forming into pools on the plate.  The juice and flowers are there to add some elegance to the slurping and smacking sounds.

FEBRUARY:  Warm and silly treasures from one's life are always fun to revisit and remember.  Nostalgia takes all forms and shapes.

MARCH:  Let's go for an impromptu trip!  Take the dog and maybe a detour through the sunflower fields.  Taking a spur-of-the-moment vacation can teach you how to be more flexible, manage stress, trust your intuition and allow you to live in the present.

APRIL:  The secret life of cats sitting in sun drenched windows with books!  Sigh.

MAY:  Frogs balance on top of the lyrical lily pads; their shadows dance in the sun.  Some species of water lilies smell like pineapple or butterscotch.

JUNE:  Beautiful bottles to create your own herbal cocktails, vinegars and sugary elixirs in your own kitchen.  They look like lovely artifacts on the windowsill.

JULY:  An adventure awaits beyond the bow of a patriotic ship.  The perfect month for a coastal cruise or skimming the sea.  Happy Independence Day!

AUGUST:  What better way to sow your lettuce and garden offerings than making an eclectic and delicious salad?  I love a good vinaigrette with a little Dijon mustard mixed in!

SEPTEMBER:  A bag of colorful pencil shavings reminds me of Ukiyo-e clouds in Japanese illustrations long ago.  People who work with pencils well know the smell and ceremony of sharpening a pencil.

OCTOBER:   A gaggle or gang of geese.  They look like street thugs about to rob you of you full-sized candy bars or bread crumbs.  I love menacing looking fowl.

NOVEMBER:  Cookies, anyone?  Pre-game snack?  The rule should be if you make the food item, then you don't have to clean up.  I don't know how this work if you live alone, because dogs usually refuse to do chores.

DECEMBER:  December is for honoring traditions new and old.  Linnea created this image in 1992.  With candles, she turned the longest night of the year into a festival of light!